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Links for Students

Technology Links

Can you qualify for free or reduced price internet service?

Visit the EveryoneOn site and follow the steps to see if you could qualify.


Can you qualify for free mobile phone and high speed internet service?

Visit the FreedomPop site and follow the steps to see if you could qualify.






Let's give a big Bailey Bulldog welcome to Mr. Bailey!  He is the new Technology Coordinator for our schools. 


Mr. Bailey's email is and you can give him a phone call at 850-492-6136 ext. 2251. 

Chromebook contract link


If you have not filled out a chromebook contract, here is the link. 


18-19 SY Chromebook Contract

What to do if your chromebook is sick?

sick pc


If your chromebook is sick, we can help get it back in working order. To get your chromebook the help it needs, please follow the steps below: 


1. Download a "Request for Chromebook Assistance" form and fill it out as completely as possible. You can download a form here or get a form from a teacher. If you do not fill out a form, your chromebook cannot be fixed. **Parents, if you drop off a chromebook and say that it needs to be fixed, your child still must fill out a form. The chromebook will be given back to them until a form is filled out and turned in** 


2. Give the filled out form to your teacher and they will get it to Mr. Hortsman


3. Carry your chromebook with you every day and wait to be called down to the technology office. 


4. When you are called, bring your chromebook down and we will start the repair process. 


repair sign



If you have any questions about the status of a repair, please feel free to call or email Mr. Hortsman. 


School District Student Responsible Use for Technology

Please click below to view the acceptable use guidelines for students. 

acceptable use policy.pdf

Having Trouble With Student Passwords?

m3networks password

Starting this year, students in middle and high school are required to set their own password. Their username will remain the same, which is their six digit student number (lunch id).


To reset a student password for the first time:


1. Go to this link.


2. Enter your username (six digit student id)


3. Enter your password which would be your six digit birthday (ex 010203). This will only work if you have never tried to reset your password before.


4. You will then be prompted to answer 3 security questions. Please write these answers down and hide in a safe place.



Passwords may not contain any part of your name.


6. Once the system accepts your new password, you will be logged out of the system and you should be able to log into all student applications.




To reset your password if you have already set it but you forgot it.


1. Go to this link


2. In the bottom left-hand corner click: Forgotten Password


3. Enter your username (student id) and your last name.


4. You will be prompted to answer the security questions.


5. Reset your password according to the password guidelines above. Keep your password in a safe place.


If you have tried resetting your password but keep getting errors, please click on this link to Mr. Horstman

1. In the subject line please put: student password reset

2. In the body of the email please include: Student name, student id number, and an email address to send a reset confirmation to. 


Example: student password reset (subject line)


Student name: Joey Jones

Student number: 123456

Reply Email:


Please allow up to 24 hours to receive a confirmation email.


If you do not include the required information, you may not get a confirmation email back. Please include all required information to ensure a swift reset and response.






Use of outside media by Teachers


We all find great resources that come from outside of the classroom and want to use them to enhance the educational experiences of our students.

Before you show any outside resources, please be sure to fill out this form and have it approved by administration.


You can download the form by clicking here.

Google Resources for Teachers



Links to visit for resources:


1. 38 ideas for using Google in the classroom


2. The SAMR model made easy with Google Apps. 

A website that explains what the SAMR model is and how to use Google Apps to teach with this model. 


3. The Chrome App and extension database. 

Contains apps and extensions for educational use with the Chrome Browser. 


4. The Lighter Side of Google for fun in the classroom. 

A website with a few ideas and links for games in the Google Universe. 


5. Templates you can use in Google Drive.


Resources you can purchase: 


1. Google Drive Digital Bell Ringers: $4.00 for a digital download. 

This includes bell ringers for reading,vocabulary, social studies, & history. 



How to's in Google Drive, Google Classroom, and other Google Applications. 


1. How to create a folder for each student in Google Drive. 


2. A Google Drive Cheat Sheet. (File Download)

Contains Short cuts and useful tips and tricks.


3. Google Search Commands and Shortcuts Cheat Sheet (PDF file download)

Contains examples of how to make your Google Searches for effective. 


4. Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts (PDF file download)

Contains examples on keyboard shortcuts to use in Google Docs


5. How to create an e-book in Google Slides






Ipad and Apple TV Resources

apple logo 4  apple logo 3apple logo 1apple logo 2


1. Smart Apps for Kids.

A list of 100 App links for free and paid apps.


2. Teachers with Apps.

A list of apps and resources to use in the classroom.


3. Decide Now App: Direct Link to Itunes

An app that lets you quickly spin a wheel to make decisions. You can customize the wheel for classroom activities.



Microsoft Office

Classroom Resources and Downloads

Teacher Quick Links