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Students Of the Month

April/May 2022


Dalton Gibson

Dalton Gibson is just a pleasure to have as a student. He is always eager to prove himself and go above and beyond expectations. He is a likable kid that gets along with his peers and has a great attitude.- Ms Doyle

Jasmine Hobby

Jasmine is a great school citizen and is ready for high school. - Dr. Britt


Maria Parker

Maria has asked for support and puts her best foot forward trying to be successful

 in math.- Mrs. Harden


Jamar James

Jamar is one of the sweetest and kindest students.  He goes above and beyond daily to be a better person.- Mrs. Harden


Kailani Cahardon-Mendoza

Kailani is one of the most respectful young ladies.  She is trying daily to succeed in math.- Mrs. Harden


Briar Kaffer

Briar has come out of his shell and wants to succeed in math.  He is putting his best foot forward.- Mrs. Harden


Justin Edwards

Justin is trying very hard this quarter.  His efforts show daily.- Mrs. Harden


Lily Trammel

Cheerful, respectful- Ms Butler


Sean Hansen

Conner is extremely helpful and strives to succeed in everything he tries to do. He is respectful of other students and is a joy to have in class. - Ms Campbell


Hannah Leonard

Hannah is everything in a student that a teacher wants in their class. She is passionate about orchestra and works everyday to improve. She is talented but is humble enough to take criticism and help other students. - Ms Campbell


Ashley Velasquez

Ashley (Melissa) works hard for excellence with everything that she does. She is a fabulous student who always amazes me with her passion for music and her instrument. - Ms Campbell


Noah Brown

Noah exhibits kindness with every interaction with staff and student. He is passionate about many of his hobbies. He is also in general just  a really cool kid that deserve recognition because he will not seek out for himself.  - Ms Campbell


Richard Nieves

Richard has grown academically and socially to respect others and work hard. - Ms Allen-Blanton


Skyla Smith

Her kindness and willingness to help are contagious to all around her. - Ms Allen Blanton


Kristine Hamilton

Kristine has such a helpful attitude and is always willing to pitch in.  She is kind to her peers and very respectful of her teachers.  Kristine is working hard on the track team as well!- Mrs. Brown


Miranda Gibson

She has the most Bulldog Bucks and has never had a referral, ever. -Dr. Britt


Skylar Kakfa

I have seen him really turn around in class and trying.  Very willing to help.  - Ms Atchley


James Bailey

He is always looking for ways to help, even without being asked. - Ms Smirnotis


Raniyah McGruder

She is a stand-out, phenomenal student and peer to her friends and classmates.- Ms Moore


Zekel Marshall

Zekel is always a gentleman in my classroom. He works hard. He helps others who are struggling with Math. He never complains and is a delight to have in class.-Ms Hamilton


Conner Hansen

Conner is extremely helpful and strives to succeed in everything he tries to do. He is respectful of other students and is a joy to have in class. -Ms Campbell


Hannah Leonard

Hannah is everything in a student that a teacher wants in their class. She is passionate about orchestra and works everyday to improve. She is talented but is humble enough to take criticism and help other students. -Ms Campbell


Ashley Vaslquez

Ashley (Melissa) works hard for excellence with everything that she does. She is a fabulous student who always amazes me with her passion for music and her instrument. -Ms Campbell


Cate Carlson

Cate is always on task. Even if the rest of the class is exploding in chaos, I can turn to Cate and her partner and see that they are both actively on task. I know that I can trust Cate to get the job done, regardless of the challenges it may entail! -Ms Bryans


Ahzria Bell

Ahzyria is a natural leader in the classroom. She is so outgoing and is always willing to share her ideas with the class. I love reading her short stories! She has come such a long way this year. - Ms Bryans


Addilyn Reynolds

Addilyn has been doing all the assigned work and I enjoy having her in class. -Ms Kidder


Alora Fredrick

Alora has been just great this entire year.  She strives to be the best in everything and she is always positive about class and life in general.  She is such an awesome person and is a pleasure to have in class. -Ms Rust


Andrew Nathan

Andrew is an outstanding student.  He is always positive and willing to help any student that may be struggling.  His assignments are completed on time and they are done exceptionally well.  I wish I had a lot more students like Andrew.  He is a true Bailey Bulldog. -Ms Rust


Gracelyn Eubanks

Gracie is probably one of the sweetest students here at Bailey.  She always has a positive attitude when she is in class.  She also helps the other students in the class who are struggling with an assignment or just having a bad day.  Gracie deserves student of the month for being a great Bailey Bulldog every day. -Ms Rust


Mariel Ragadio

Every single day all year long, Mariel has shown up and demonstrated to all of her classmates how they can succeed. She deserves to be recognized for this, and she should be very proud of herself each and every day. -Mr. Sullivan


Danielle Moore

Dani comes into every class period and just does everything right. She demonstrates through her example how every other student in our class period can succeed.-Mr. Sullivan


Caleb Hill

Caleb is a pleasure each day, in both Science and STAR Block. He has a great attitude, a great personality, and demonstrates kindness to others. I am honored to share the classroom with him. -Mr. Sullivan


Aiyana Sales

Aiyana comes into every class period and just does everything right. She is kind to those around her, she is helpful to those she sees could benefit from her assistance, and she demonstrates through her example how every other student in our class period could succeed both as a student and as a wonderful human being.-Mr. Sullivan


Alexa Speegle

Alexis has shown over and over again her kindness and help to others in our band. She recently started mentoring a student who now has done so well because of Lexi's help.  She gives so much of herself to our band program and is such an important piece of the puzzle.  We are going to miss her dearly and I think it would be amazing for her to get the spotlight for being chosen for student of the month.  -Ms Matson


Skylar Dean

Skyler is responsible, reliable, organized and stays on task. She is a pleasure to have in the class.-Ms Blair


Kaitlyn Honeycutt

KK always representMieke always represents herself and her school in a positive manner-Mr. Buff


Zekyel Marshall

Zekel is always a gentleman in my classroom. He works hard. He helps others who are struggling with Math. He never complains and is a delight to have in class.-Ms Hamilton


Chloe Nicholls

Chloe is very helpful in the classroom and has a positive attitude-Mr. Buff


Aubrey Weeks

Aubrey is a hard working student.  She always shows up to class prepared, always completes her work on time, and is an asset to the students in her group.-Mr. Lilly


Mike Bendolph

Mieke always represents herself and her school in a positive manner- Mr. Buff

March 2022


Caleb Johnson

He is an outstanding student and leader in the classroom.  He is very conscientious.  He and a partner were the only students to complete a science fair project and it was presented to the class.  – Mrs. Bruner


Donivan Alexander

Donivan is not only an exemplary student, but an exemplary young person. He asks great questions each day, he answers great questions each day, he is a positive presence in the classroom, and he provides an extraordinary template for every other student to learn from. He should be very proud of the person that he is.  – Ms Malloy


Josiah Miller

Josiah is a hard working student who maintains a constant good attitude and puts in more than enough effort to go above and beyond 100% of the time. -Mr. Lilly


Riley McDonough

Riley has been a top notch student since he moved to Pensacola from Virginia. Riley comes to class prepared daily, and will make sure he is completing all task. He is a very respectful student to both student and staff. – Mr. Cone


Miranda Gibson

Randa is a wonderful young lady that goes above and beyond her normal school activities. She is a delight to have in class and is super friendly to everyone. She also makes great grades and choices. – Ms Schick


Lakaya Carter

Lakayla has the intangibles that you hope to see in all young people. On more than one occasion I have witnessed her come to the aid of individuals being mistreated. She asks the right questions. She tries to understand any given topic. She is brilliant. Given where she already is Lakayla has unlimited potential not only of what she can do academically and professionally, but also in how remarkable of a human being she can become. – Mr. Magee


Zoe Barahona

She is a great student and helps others in the classroom. She has empathy for others.- Ms Kidder


Malachi Landrum

Malachi is such a big help in band class. He has thrived on the trombone and has become a mentor to students even though this is his first year too. He is always asking how he can help us and jumps in to help others when he sees a need. Everyday he walks in and he address us each, looks us in the eye and tells us good morning and does the same in the afternoons.- Ms Matson


Camearn Lewis

Camearn is kind to everyone. He is considerate and takes other student's feelings into consideration with all his actions. Camearn is a hard worker and always finishes his work even when other students are doing a desired activity.- Ms Allen Blanton


Areanna Dixon

Areanna is always looking for different ways to help me and her peers. She is so well mannered and polite and is a great role model! – Mr. Kauffman


Amira Morris

Amira has matured into a great leader and member of Junior Thespians- Mr. Buff


Jonah Lipscomb

Jonah has been doing so well in Language Arts class. I am so proud of him for putting forth so much more effort into his work, and trying his best to stay on task. His attitude towards class has made a total 180, and I really appreciate it!- Ms Bryans



Riley McDonough

Is an amazing student.  He had an opportunity to attend a fireld trip, but when a student turned the form in late, Riley gave up his spot.  What an act of kindness.- Anonymous


Caden Osborn

Caden is always making me laugh in class with his amazing vocals and dance moves! He goes above and beyond whenever we are reading in class or working on an essay, and I enjoy working with him to take his writing to the next level.- Ms Bryans


Marcelina Snyder

Marcelina is always willing to help other students in class. She gets all of her work turned in on time. She is a joy to have in class- Ms Barksdale


Rhett Gray

Rhett is amazing! It is like having a second adult in the room during our cooking labs. She is a hard worker and always willing to step in where ever needed!- Ms Brown


Lauren Fisher

Lauren is a very hard worker in class. She strives to give her best and frequently volunteers to help out her teacher and fellow students.- Ms Guthrie


Lily Trammel

Great attitude, polite, nice, new asset to our school. – Ms Butler


Tobias Johnson

Works hard and follows directions.- Ms Ratliff


Serenity Schneider

  • Ms Blanton



February 2022

Ryan Carver

Ryan is always on task in the classroom. He helps to keep his peers on task, and encourages his peers to be successful. Ryan always comes into class with a positive attitude! I love having him in our 4th period class, and I look forward to another great semester.- Ms Bryans


Miranda Gibson

Miranda is always going above and beyond in the classroom with her schoolwork. I love reading what she writes and talking with her at the end of each day. I know I can count on Miranda to help her group understand challenging concepts in Language Arts class!- Ms Bryans


William Gerle

William always gives his best even when he is absent.- Mr. Lilly


Nadia Durant

 She always gives her best.  She has a great attitude. – K. Butler


Jadias Campbell

Jadias has come so far- she participates in math and is really trying hard! She answers questions, takes notes, she is making gains by leaps and bounds. –Mrs. Harden


Kayleerae Harrgill

Kayleerae is a model bulldog. She is friendly, helps her peers and does her best. – Mrs. Harden


Nayrum McQueen

Nayram shows up every single day with a positive attitude. She shows up every single day demonstrating kindness to others. She is such a thoughtful, respectful, and kind person. In addition to being an extraordinary person, she is also a wonderful student. She should be very proud of herself each day, and I look forward to the remarkable things she will accomplish. –Mr. Sullivan


Jason Pack

Jason is a hardworking, thoughtful and considerate young man! He always tries his best during speech and brightens up the room! Mr. Tompkins


Damian Mendez

Great student! –Mr. T


Emma Lawracy

Emma does her best daily. She works well with her peers and goes above and beyond. Mrs. Harden


James Bailey

James helps his classmates when they have computer issues, especially with ILit. He supports his class mates and is an outstanding student in every way. Mrs. Russell


Alexis Speegle

This student works hard everyday! Her assignments and projects are AMAZING!! Ms Moore


Hayden Eubanks

He is super good with Ms. Blanton's kids and has willing volunteered to help with them. Mrs. Burnett


Shamlia Bentham

She has a kind, sweet personality. She stands out as someone who avoids problems and consistently does her work. She is trustworthy and can always be counted on. She brings such joy and peace wherever she goes. Ms Kidder


Alexis Jackson

Alexis has grown so much as a student in the time I have gotten to know her. She is always so motivated, and so willing to help out wherever she can with Yearbook. She has taken on so much responsibility and has been doing such an awesome job! She has matured so much since her time in my classroom last year as a 7th grader, and has become such a responsible 8th grade student. I know I can count on her to make good choices! Ms Bryans


Gael Gonzales

He is respectful, helpful, and kind. He is personable and attentive. He wants to do what is needed to be successful and pass this class. Mrs. Patterson


Chayce Grant

Chayce is always one step ahead of me. She is prepared for her assignments and ready to tackle the next project. She also goes out of her way to help clean up the classroom, making the room better for everyone.  Ms Schmacker


Mikayla Harris

iMikayla s an outstanding student. She is a true example of a Bailey Bulldog. Every assignment is submitted on time and she goes above and beyond on each one. She has a positive attitude, helps her fellow students and strives to be the best that she can be. I can not thank her enough for being such a wonderful person.  Mrs. Rust


Mason Poovey

Mason is a great student. He always strives to do his best in class. He focuses on what is important and does not let anything ruin his day. I really enjoy being his teacher. Mrs. Rust


Annabelle Freeman

Annabelle gives her best by actively participating and contributing to the class discussions as well as school activities including Spelling Bee. She is dedicated to learning and pleasant to be around. Mrs. Blair


Lin Xi Neidbala

Lin Xi is a student who always makes me proud. She is motivated and she works hard. It has been an honor to get to know her this year.  Ms Sminiotis


Serenity Schneider

Ms Blanton


January 2022

Helayna Rumbaugh

Helayna is an outstanding student. She puts a lot of thought into every assignment and gives 100% every single day. She is kind, caring and thoughtful which is something every Bailey Bulldog should be.- Mrs. Rust


Destiny Doyle

Destiny is a friendly and cheerful and is always hungry to learn more.- Mr. Buff


Rebecca Grayson

Rebecca is so helpful in class. She is willing to help other students. I love having her in my class.- Mrs. Barksdale


Giovanni Reid

Giovanni is the model student. He comes to class on time and prepared everyday. He gets along with his peers and has a great personality. When other students need help he is there to lend a hand. Giovanni is my nominee for January.- Mrs. Taylor


Jared Viallanueva

JJ comes in every morning and takes the chairs off the table for me and helps with anything I ask him to help with.- Ms Allen-Blanton

Branson Hill

 This student is always positive, helpful, and very respectful. He is helpful to his peers and has a great attitude- Ms Patterson


Lexi Wilcox

Your positive attitude and bright spirit are contagious! You make my day when I get to work with you. You are an amazing young lady!


Skyler Dean

Skyler is so well behaved that it can be easy to not notice her amid chaos but once noticed, she is such a lovely child. She is polite with a good attitude and is willing to help whenever asked. She is always doing what she should be doing and is a good example of a student who follows the rules. Good kiddos like her are a joy to recognize. Ms Doyle


Saul Mendez

Always has a great attitude, helps his classmates.


Andreas Wolfel

Andreas goes abouve and beyond when completing his assignments.  He is polite and joy to have in class.- Mrs. Blair


Addison Nguyen

Addison is so cheerful and spreads sunshine with the smile you can see in her eyes.  She is always attentive to the lesson and has excellent behavior.


Josiah Whitley

is very patient with his classmates and is very respectful. – Ms Ratliff


James Christopher

is helpful, kind to others and is a great student.- Dr. Britt


Cole Root

Cole is always working hard in the classroom and is a great role model for his peers. He is always so polite and kind to everyone around him.- Ms Bryans


Keshawn Bryant

Seeing Keshawn every day is always such a pleasure. He always asks about my day and we love to crack jokes together! I always feel appreciated as a teacher whenever I get an opportunity to have a conversation with Keshawn.- Ms Bryans


Asonyai Henderson

Asonyai has come a long way! She is an FBA member.- Dr. Britt


Jermiah Camacho

Excellent Student who gives his all everyday in Science and a super good kid.-Mr. Tranchina


Blossom Cauthen

Blossom is such a hardworking student. She is so creative and I love watching her explore her talents in our ELA classroom. I love having conversations with Blossom, as she always has something good to share! I appreciate her hard work and all the help that she gives me in our ELA and STAR block class.-Ms Bryans


Candyce Avery

Awesome young lady! Motivated and bright and always ready to help another student if the need arises!- Mrs. Moore


Benjamin Harris

This student is always will to help lend a hand. He is super polite to ALL adults. He carries himself in a manner that others can look up to.- Mrs. Burnett


Deon’te Dennis

Deon'te is very helpful student. When he completes his work, he will ask to assist those that may need some help. He is a very polite and respectful student.- Mr. Cone


Fernando Torres-Gray

He is a wonderful student who works hard.- Ms Bonal-Smith


Jacorie King

He participates in class every day and has a great attitude.- Ms Ratliff


Zu’Riah Roberts

Zu'Riah is such a kind, hard working and considerate student! I look forward to seeing her each week!- Ms Tompkins


Kalani Richardson

Kalani; wow! What an absolutely wonderful person! You are attentive, considerate and always try your hardest. You are an excellent team member and treat everyone with kindness.- Ms Tompkins


Landon Craig

Landon has made a strong decision to take control of his academics and build for the future. He is doing a great job in my class appreciate his example to other students. . Additionally, I appreciate the way he speaks well of his teachers.- Ms Smirniotis


Elizabeth Diehart

Elizabeth is kind hearted and wants to do well. She is friendly and helps her peers.- Mrs. Harden


Dylan Laubach

Dylan is trying to stay on the straight and narrow. He works hard and helps others. Dylan is funny and a joy to have in class.-Mrs. Harden


Ezekiel Farley

I'd love to have a room of Ezekiels! He tries hard and puts his best foot forward daily. He is kind to others. I love teaching him in small groups as he asks great questions. He wants to understand.-Mrs. Harden


Deacon Jones

Deacon and I have an ongoing competition on Fitbit for the last two years. He keeps me moving forward. Deacon is kind and generous with others. He wants to do well and is a model Bulldog.- Mrs. Harden


Kristina Vasilieva

Kristina is bilingual. Though she is still learning English, it doesn't stop her from being successful at school. She has pleasant manners and joy to have in the class.- Mrs. Blair


Zaccoro Bussard

He is a great member of Anchored 4 Life and tours new students around our school.- Dr. Britt


Grace Anderson

Grace is a polite student who always works hard and helps others!  -Ms Fowler


Zachary Jordan

Each and every day, Zach demonstrates exemplary behavior and effort.  Zach is pleasant, kind, polite and should be proud of the kind of person he is.  – Mr. Sullivan

Landon Bradford

Landon is one of the most extraordinary young people I have had the honor of sharing a classroom with.  He demonstrates a sincere desire to help others each and every day. – Mr. Sullivan


Blossom Cauthen

Blossom is the first student to offer to assist with any task in the classroom.  She is such a kind and giving peron, and never fails to make me smile!  Blossom is so thoughtful and always puts in maximum effort into everything that she does.  I love starting my days with her!  - Ms Bryans


Ja’Nyiah Montgomery

JaNylah has a large personality and a hart to match.  I have observed her demonstrate kindness and support to individuals that she hardly knows, and I have observed this over and over again.  – Mr. Sullivan


Jaiden Douglas

Jaiden is a great student and is always willing to help his classmates.- Ms. Stanley


Jadyn Minor

Jadyn goes out of his way to correct other students and encourage them to behave.  He strives to do his best and is usually responsible and respectful.  –Ms Breaux


Janiah Rolle

Janiah is a great student with great grades and attitude! – Mr. T


Shaylee Vega Alvarez

Shaylee is dedicated to learning.  She stays on task and always completes her work thoroughly.  Shaylee has outstanding manners and attitude.  – Ms Blair


Luke Pharr

He is a hard workder and is always respectful with a happy disposition every day!  -Ms Moore


*Na’Kyaela Booker

Na’Kyaela is an absolute joy to be around and makes every room she enters feel brighter.  She is a caring, thoughtful and considerate young woman who is always open to feedback and is willing to try new things even when they are hard.  – Ms Tompkins 

Na’Kyalela is always the first to ask if she can help.  She is an amazing young woman that I am proud to teach.  – Mrs. Harden


Luis Sandoval

Luis always models excellent behavior, completes his assignments on time and typically maintains an A average.  He is a great role model for his peers. – Mr. Loeshchner


*Dalton Gibson

Dalton has a kind hear.  He is thoughtful and remembers things about others that most would forget.  He is very considerate and deserves to be recognized. – Ms Tompkins

Brogan Hayden

Always helpful and respectful.  Brogan always has a smile. – Ms Butler



Michael Bailey

Michael is a student that always strives to do his best.  He completes every assignment at the highest level possible.  He is also willing to assit with anything that needs to be done.  At the end of the day he is always offers to help with anything that needs to be done to make the room ready for the next day.  He does this without any thought of a reward in mind.  He just has a heart of gold and I appreciate him.  –Ms Rust


Russel Simmons

Russel is just a wonderful student.  He works hard on every assignments and is always positive about what challenge is being given to him.  He makes being a teacher a wonderful experience and I love having him in my class.  He is a true Bailey Bulldog and I know he will be successful student and young man.  –Ms Rust


Alani Ecle

Alani goes above and beyond daily to improve herself in Math as well as overall life.  She is a model bulldog. –Mrs. Harden


Zoe Barahona

Zoe has been helping our new student that does not speak any English. Her willingness to help and patience is exemplary. She has been an asset to her teachers.- Mrs. Bruner


Lurayne Ilaand

Luranyne is quiet and peaceful.  She wants to understand Math and she does well.  She goes above and beyond to make sure she understands. I love teaching her. –Mrs. Harden


Rebekah Olford

is a sweet and kind person.  She tries hard in math to her best everyday.  –Mrs. Harden


Kaitlyn Eubanks

asks questions to clarify.  She helps those around her and she wants to understand the concept.  She is a great student.  – Mrs. Harden


Ross Magee

is the perfect example of a bulldog!  He is kind, smart and goes above and beyond daily.  –Mrs. Harden

Kayden Hall

is always assisting me and helping his peers.- Ms. Davis

Duhkarie Singleton

 is assisting me and helping out his peers when needed.  -Ms Davis


Annabelle Cutshaw

has become a great leader in Junior Thespians.  –Mr. Buff


Reese (Wren) Hernandez

has become a great leader for Junior Thespians.  –Mr. Buff


Rose Meehan

has performed well in my class and gives maximum effort.  –Mr. Kauffman


Autumn Bonacci

is a phenomenal student!  She is always so happy and eager to learn and do whatever lies in front of her daily.  She helps other peers and has questions, is polite and a breath of fresh air!- Ms Moore


Aniyah Johnson

 is always has an outstanding attitude, a positive leader.  –Ms Baney


Noah Brown

 is an outstanding leader, kind and just an overall awesome human.  –Ms Baney


Quinnian Corey

 is always helpful, polite and works hard.  – Ms Baney


Camari Williams

 is kind, considerate, thoughtful and hardworking young man.  He shows great perseverance when presented with challenging tasks and is a pleasure to work with.  – Ms Tompkins


James Bailey

 is a steady respectful student.  – Ms Russell


Julius Thomas

 is the exemplary student!  He earned a level 3 on FSA ELA, Math and Civics EOC!  He is helpful in class and assists other students eagerly.  – Ms Smith

Alyssa Calhoun

 goes out of her way to be helpful to the teacher and classmates.  She is a job in the class.- Ms Barksdale


Isabella Zendejas

 has a great attitude.  – Ms Butler


Alyssa Wlicox

 is helpful, responsible student who works well with others and is always takes initative in class.  – Ms Juntunen


Madelyn Paul

 comes prepared to learn.  – Mrs. Blair


Leiland Remo

 is always polite, respectful and extremely diligent about his work.  – Mr. Loeschner

Brooke Holland

 is awesome, a great natural born leader and proving to be an amazing musician!  -Mrs. Daley


Terence Le

 submits his best work, has a great sense of humor and is helpful to his other band students!  -Mrs. Daley

Destini Lee

 is proving to be a great musician.  – Mrs. Daley


Damen McPeerson

 goes above and beyond to make sure he has completed all his work.  –Mr. Cone


Charlotte Newman

 is kind and does her work on time.  –Ms Ratliff


Athena Percevault

 does extra work and does a great job! – Ms Smirniotis


Dominico (Nick) Prisco

does extra work and does a great job!  -Ms Smirniotis



Cashon Downs

is a very diligent student who is always polite and on-task. He sets an awesome example for his peers.- Mr. Loeschner


Savannah Ingram

Savannah missed several days of school and turned in ALL work missed the day she returned! WOW... great student! – Mrs. Moore


**Dylan Hitt

is an excellent student who is very respectful of his teachers. He is polite and a joy to have in class! AND is always on time and always taking care of business.– Ms Fowler AND Mr. Kauffman

Tanisha Jenkins

She is an understanding and forgiving person who helped me out in a student situation. – Dr. Britt


Madison Newton

is setting a great example in class!  - Mr. Daley


Alissa Lee

is awesome at helping with Mrs. Blanton student’s in 8th period.  –Mrs. Burnett


Cheyanne Dietz

is having a great attitude every time I see her!  - Mrs. Burnett



Keshawn Caver

is always on task. Even though I see him at the end of the day, Keshawn always finds the energy to put towards contributing meaningfully to our class. He's always got a positive attitude!- Ms Bryans


Rori Waugh Dashiell

is consistently helpful, great leader! – Mr. Daley

Rielee Carmadelle

is always looking for ways to help out. She does a lot of extra credit work so her grade is over 100, then she asks what she can do to help out in the classroom. She helps other students with work, she organizes my folder bin and cleans off my board and then asks what else she can do. She is amazing.- Mrs. Taylor


Rita Speegle

This student has stepped up to the plate on 2 occasions to help a student have a smooth transition back into the classroom after being out. She has shared notes, translated my oral directions from Spanish to English and continued to stay on track herself during class. Muchas gracias Rita! – Ms Malloy


Amelia Scheffing

Amelia is a model student who goes above and beyond to better herself and help her peers.- Mr. Loeschner


Quinn Billings

is a very smart and polite young man. He works hard on his assignments and asks and answers questions. – Mr. Buff


Mark Racaza

is always working hard to complete his assignments. He always comes into class ready to learn, and is always one of the first people on task! – Ms Rust


Grayson Ellis Grayson

is a student who exemplifies the character of a Bailey Bulldog. Since the first day he has shown that he sets high standards for himself in all areas. He is always willing to assist his teacher and his classmates with any task big or small. He was recently selected to be on the Yearbook staff and I know this is just the beginning for Grayson. Thanks Grayson for being such a positive part of Bailey every day. – Ms Rust

Maderena Curry

is a student who pushes herself to be the best that she can be which is what we want here at Bailey Middle. She is a great student and is a leader in the classroom when needed. She has a positive attitude and I can always depend on her to assist me if there is a task that needs to be completed. I know she will do great here at Bailey Middle.- Ms Rust


Fernanado Torres-Gray

is very respectful student who keeps helps out around the classroom daily.  – Mr. Cone


Malachi Landrum

is doing a fantastic job in Band.  I am so proud of him.- Mrs. Matson


Kiana Demps

She is a great student and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She can tell you several parts of the human Anatomy and she is just 11. – Ms Stanley


Gael Gonzalez

is polite and hard working student.  I enjoy him being in my class. – Ms Barksdale


Chloe Robinson

works diligently and encourages others to do so as well.  She always has a smile and is well respected amongst her peers.  – Ms Russell


Stephenie Harrison

is very helpful and positive and is a hard worker. She works well in with any partner she is given in partner-work, and she shows a lot of responsibility. – Ms Juntunen


Grace Anderson

is well behaved and is a diligent student.  – Ms Ratliff


Keller Brown

is a leader among his peers and is dedicated to his school worl.  – Ms Ratliff


Nayomi Miller

is a good student and follows classroom procedures.  –Ms Ratliff


Raz Dominique Estrada

has a positive attitude, comes prepared and participates in class. Raz Dominique has big heart. She also shares my love for reading. Way to go!- Ms Blair


Timmy Magee

 for going above and beyond to assist wherever it’s needed.  –Ms Davis


**Issabella Kirk

is positive and hardworking.  AND she goes above and beyond everywhere on campus.  She is the poster of what we want all bulldogs to be- helpful, kind, polite and hard working.  -Ms Butler AND Mrs. Harden

Chloe Nichols

is hard working and wants to do the right thing daily.  Thank you for all of your help in the mornings.  –Mrs. Harden




Justus Payne

Justus comes to math ready to learn.  He participates and puts his best foot forward daily. –Mrs. Harden


Jasmyne Ward

 Not only does Jasmyne come prepared to class she also participates and always has a smile on her face.  – Mrs. Blair



Miranda Gibson

Miranda goes above and beyond to assist her peers in class.  She is always the first to volunteer to offer assistance. – Mrs. Davis



Julian Rosales

Julian is always on task and helps his neighbors when needed.  – Mrs. Russell


Gabriel Lilla

Jaime consistently comes to class with a positive attitude and is always willing to help. 

– Ms Malloy


Nickolus Renfrow

He is kind to the other students and is always eager to help.  He immediately jumps in to pass out table tents at lunch and clean tables to that others have neglected.  –Mrs. Wilcox


Gabriel Rayner

Gabe is always pleasant in the morning.  He usually has something funny or a joke to tell me in the morning.  – Mr. Buff


Cheyenne Agabin

Cheyenne is sweet and very helpful in my classroom.  -Ms Guthrie



Cashon Downs

Cashon is very diligent student who is always polite and on task.  He sets an awesome example for his peers.

- Mr. Loeschner


Savannah Ingram

Savannah missed several days of school and turned in ALL work missed the day she returned.  WOW…. Great student! 

- Ms Moore


Dylan Hitt

Dylan is an excellent student who is very respectful of his teachers. He is polite and a joy to have in class!  - Ms Fowler

I let the dogs out