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MDoNotCall Membership- we appreciate your donation and will not contact you again. Still includes all the benefits of membership in State & National PTA. JBMS membership Koozie AND free student admission to first dance ($5 value)


InformationOnly Membership- All benefits of membership and receive updates about school activities to your email. No meetings or volunteering required. JBMS membership Koozie AND free student admission to first dance ($5 value)


Volunteer Membership- All benefits of membership, updates on email, Volunteer opportunities via REMIND app. You can come and help whenever you are able -- a little or a lot. JBMS  membership Koozie AND free student admission to the first dance ($5 value)


Grandparent Membership - All the benefits of membership and an invitation to a special Grandparent event




website or envelope

Our PTSA has been named the BEST LOCAL UNIT in ESCAMBIA COUNTY for the last 2 years. We work very hard to improve every day of BaileyLife. Please help support all the programs that help your Bulldog with the tiny price of a membership. NO MEETINGS REQUIRED, EVER!!

  • You can return the membership envelope to your student's homeroom teacher or the front office
  • Extra envelopes are available in the front office and you can return it to the PTSA lockbox
  • Register at our website and you'll recieve an email to enter MemberHub. Click on the SHOP key and you'll find all the membership options inside our online store
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Membership Tally

Off to a Great Start in 2019-2020

Parents: 89

Students: 67

Grandparents: 5

Teachers & Staff and Community Members: 57


Total: 213