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dress code

Common dress code infractions: 

1. Shorts and skirts above fingertip length when worn. 

2. Leggings with shirts that do not come to fingertip length. 

3. Rips in jeans that show skin above fingertip length. 

If a student receives 3 dress code violations they will be placed in ISS. (In school suspension). 

Please refer to the 2019-2020 student R&R handbook for more information. (Page 64-65)


Cell Phone Policy

cell phoneStudents should keep cell phones in their backpacks at all times during school hours. 

If a student is in violation of the school cell phone policy, the phone will be taken and parents notified. 

If a student violates the policy 3 times, they will be placed into ISS. 

Dean of Students

Dean Gainey

Dean Gainey works with 7th grade A-L students & 8th grade students  

She loves to work with students and encouraging them to make the most of their educational experience. 

You can reach Dean Gainey by phone or email. 

Phone: 850-492-6136 ext. 401508



did you knowWhat do Deans actually do? 

They work with students to make changes in behaviors that are not productive for the school environment. They also work with Guidance Counselors and other Support Staff to help students/families obtain resources to be successful. 

The Deans also work with students to help resolve conflicts and make sure that everyone feels safe and valued. 

The Deans do process discipline referrals and assign consequences according to the discipline matrix set by the county. 

good choices



Dean MacDonald works with 6th grade and 7th grade M-Z students. 

She loves having positive interactions with students and helping them make positive choices. 

You can reach Dean Heather MacDonald by phone or email. 

Phone: 850-492-6136 ext. 401891



     contact us

The Deans will not be able to meet with parents/guardians for the 1st nine weeks of school. If you wish to speak with a Dean, you can call, email, or request a Google Virtual Meet. 

We are here to assist you in any way we can within District Mandated Safety Guidelines.