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TAILGATE DANCE 9/13/2019 6-8pm
TAILGATE DANCE 9/30/2016 6-8pm
nightmare before christmas Dress Up DANCE 11/15/2019 6-8pm
COSTUME DANCE 11/03/2017 6-8pm
Mardi Gras Dance 02/28/2020 6-8pm


dance pickup map
dance pickup map

How to Enjoy a Middle School Dance!

Bailey Middle School Dance Drop-off & Pick-up Procedure

NO drop off before 6 PM.  We do not have supervision available before the dance.  Drop your student inside the gated bus loop closest to the gym.  DO NOT DROP YOUR STUDENT OFF IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL. 

Please do not leave your car during the drop off or pick up process. All our volunteers and district employees have been background checked for your student's protection. Barring medical emergencies, students will not be released from the dance early.

Please be in line to pick up your child no later than 7:45 pm.  The bus loop is the ONLY area for pick-up. Please do not ask your child to leave this secure area to meet you in any other place.  PLEASE FOLLOW THESE RULES AND INSTRUCTIONS TO KEEP YOUR CHILD SAFE.

Please make 3 separate lines. PULL ALL THE WAY FORWARD even if you see your child.  This moves traffic off Bauer Road more quickly.  You may be directed to pull into the bus parking lot to wait or look for your student. It is imperative that we can keep the cars moving and the traffic as clear as we can on Bauer Road.  Thank you for your help and cooperation.

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  1. You are expected to come to the dance in compliance with dress code.

  2. You are expected to be respectful to all school personnel and volunteers. 

  3. You are expected to know what time the dance ends and let your ride know when to pick you up. All dances end at 8 p.m.

  4. You are expected to clean up after yourself and throw trash away in trash cans provided.

  5. All schools rules must be followed. 

No bullying, cussing, or fighting will be tolerated. 


Failure to follow the rules can result in a disciplinary referral.

These guidelines and instructions for drop-off & pick-up are given to every student when they purchase a ticket.

calling all dudes to be safety d.a.w.g.s

Dads, Advisors, Warriors, and Guardians: You are needed to help with car rider line after dances and sporting events. Your 45 minutes of volunteering helps keep all our Bulldogs SAFE!! 

text BULLDOG to 843-425-1654 for details and sign-up info


set up before or chaperone during the dance: print both forms bellow & then return completed forms to front office