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Chromebook Contract Video
Important Links

Can you qualify for free or reduced price internet service?

Visit the EveryoneOn site and follow the steps to see if you could qualify.

Can you qualify for free mobile phone and high speed internet service?

Visit the FreedomPop site and follow the steps to see if you could qualify.

Chromebook Chargers

Charger/power adaptors should be left at home.  If a charger is misplaced, you can purchase one at local retailers, or buy one at our front office.

School Price

Chargers - $30

Amazon Charger Link

Walmart Charger Link

Bulldog Technology

Chromebook Information
Chromebook Tips & Guidelines

GuIdelines for Students

Tips For Parents

Parent Chromebook Contract


Please find the Chromebook Parent Contract linked below. 

Chromebook Contract

The Chomebook information, contract, policies, & procedures are implemented by the   Escambia County School District. 

Rotate the screen on a Chromebook

The quickest and easiest way to rotate your screen is to press and hold CTRL + Shift and the Refresh key on your keyboard. The Refresh key looks like a circle with an arrow on it, located just above the numbers 3 and 4 on your keyboard. Each time you do, your screen will rotate 90 degrees clockwise.



Screen Flashing and Tabs switching

Can't see Google Classrooms

Homework/Assignments Dissappearing from Google Drive/Google Classroom

Accessing Google Meets Issues

GMail Not Loading/Blocked

Sound/Mic Problems

Follow the instructions for resetting the Chrome browser setting below to fix these issues and more!

  Click the link below!

Chromebook Repair/Issues Guidelines

For hardware Issues - Students are to bring their Chromebook to the Tech room on their way to lunch and leave it with Mr. Pratt.  They can come by on their way from lunch to pick it back up.  Students must have a note taped to the Chromebook with their name, student #, and the repair request  Students should not be leaving class for Chromebook repair issues.

For the following requests, please send students to room 211:

Student Password Resets/Issues

LOST Chromebook

Issues With Viewing/Accessing Applications

Google Classroom Access/Accessing Docs

All Other Software Issues


Student Password Management

Click Here!

1. Login with your (PwMMDDYY)

2.  Chrome will ask you for your old password.  Click the "Forgot Password".

3.  On the next page click "Proceed Anyway".

4.  Then go to the "Student" page or Core App Dashboard and use the "Student Password Management" tool to change your password.

Once you change your password, your chromebook may again ask for your old password.  Click the “Forgot Password Button” and on the next page click the “Proceed Anyway” button.   That will sync your account with the password change.


Responsible Use for Technology

These technology integration tools, when properly used, promote educational excellence in the District by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication. By following the Staff and Student Responsible Use Guidelines for Technology, teachers and students minimize the likelihood of inappropriate use of these tools. It is recommended that each technology integration tool be evaluated prior to use with students to ensure its appropriateness for the intended use. 


Learn About ChromeOS

More Google Tutorials Click Here!