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Pay for your membership at our online store. The convenience of your credit card and no need to dig in that scary backpack for envelopes or updates ever again!!  Just look for the red shopping cart on our website.


DoNotCall Membership- we appreciate your donation and will not contact you again. Still includes all the benefits of membership in State & National PTA. JBMS membership Koozie AND free student admission to first dance ($5 value)


InformationOnly Membership- All benefits of membership and recieve updates about school activities to your email. No meetings or volunteering required. JBMS membership Koozie AND free student admission to first dance ($5 value)


Volunteer Membership- All benefits of membership, updates on email, Volunteer opportunities via REMIND app. You can come and help whenever you are able -- a little or a lot. JBMS  membership Koozie AND free student admission to the first dance ($5 value)

Organiztion Code: BMSPTSA




Newsletters and Envelopes

Hi Bailey Parent,


We are currently updating our website and Facebook pages to better communicate with you about Bailey. Please review the calendar and consider how many great programs the PTSA does at Bailey and what a difference the organization means to the school and your child.  You can pick up one of our membership envelopes in the front office or go to the Bailey Middle PTSA Website and join inside our Online store. Look for the red shopping cart.



Please send in your $5 membership if:

1. You want $10 in student rewards including one free dance ticket.

2. Your child's middle school years are enhanced by Honor Roll recognition, The Reflections Fine Arts Program, the Bailey Bucks Store, proceeds from BOXTOP$, in-class volunteers, and dances.

3. You could enjoy the discounts and savings that membership gives you ( National PTA Sponsors & Partners or National PTA Member Benefits)

4. You wish you could participate in Teacher Support endeavors (breakfasts, bulletin boards, appreciation, volunteering) or fundraising efforts for the school, or Parent Forums, but just can't because of other commitments.  

5. You want to pay your $5 and never hear from us again, but want us to do great things for your student.


We get it!  Not everyone can be at the school, but everyone can afford to become a member.  $5 means a lot to the work of National, State and County PTA and here at Bailey Middle School.  


Please get engaged in your child's educational experience, either through the PTSA or some other way.  

Thank you....

Becca Gray

Bailey PTSA President


Membership Tally

Off to a Great Start in 2018-2019

Parents: 153

Students: 74

Teachers & Staff: 99 *100% membership!!

Community Members: 4


Total: 330

Membership Perks
PTSA membership card, gifts   FUN CARD for every Bailey student in family
Family Membership
two cards, two gifts, FUN CARDS for all students in Family