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Facts & Procedures

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Jim C. Bailey Middle School was built in 1995.  During the first few years we had empty classrooms and our student enrollment was just over 1100.  We had about 54 teachers, 1 Guidance Counselor, 1 Dean, 2 Assistant Principals and 1 Principal. 

Today we have twelve additional portable classrooms and our enrollment stays around 1,450 students.  We currently have 90 teachers, 3 Guidance Counselors, 1 Dean, 2 Assistant Principals, and 1 Principal along with OT, PT, Speech and Language, and Adaptive PE itinerant teachers. 

Who Do I Contact?

Call 492-6136 and enter the extension below when prompted or click on the person's name to email them.


Parent Teacher Conferences:
Ms Blair Southard


Attendance Questions:
Mrs. Tammy Nelson


Mrs. Yolanda Clayton




Kathleen Raughton



8th Grade and Exterior Building 7th Grade- Dean Gainey

6th Grade and Interior Building 7th Grade- Dean Hill-Phillips


Resource Officer:



Morning Drop off

Please remember that students are not to be dropped off before 8:50 in the morning.  We do not have supervision available prior to this time. Students will be asked to wait in the cafeteria until the bell rings to head to homeroom.  When dropping off students, please pull down past the atrium windows so that we can keep the traffic flowing on Bauer Road.  Thank you for your help!

Afternoon Pick up

In order for the afternoon pick up of students to move quickly and safely, we ask that you follow the following rules.

  • Vehicles traveling south on Bauer Rd are to turn right onto Meadson Drive and turn left into the north parking lot, proceeding past the flag pole and staying along the front curb.  Vehicles traveling north on Bauer Rd are to turn left from the turn lane into the school parking lot as a second pick up lane.
  •  If your student will be an afternoon car rider on a daily basis, please fill out a car rider pass form that will allow them to have a pass to be dismissed before the bus riders. Car rider forms will be handed out the first week of school, otherwise they can be found in the front office.
  • If your child is only a car rider for a day or is suspended from the bus, then they will be dismissed when students are released for buses.
  • The students will exit the building and come through the gate at the end of the walkway by the bus ramp.  This allows for more students to fill into cars quicker.
  • Please pull as far forward as possible before loading your student into the car.  This helps keep traffic moving on Bauer Rd.
  • Please DO NOT ask your student to cross the parking lot and meet you at your car parked on the road.  This is very dangerous.  If you would like to park on the road and walk up to where the students are waiting to collect your child, please feel free to do so. 
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The new Absence Verification form will be completed by a parent and returned to school for the days that the student is absent.  Parents may download the Absence Verification form, located in the school information section.  If parents do not have internet access, homeroom teachers will give the student, returning to school from being absent, a printed copy of the Absence Verification form to take home to the parent. The student is held responsible to give the form to the parent who will complete it and have it returned to school to the homeroom teacher.  Should a form not be completed or the reason for absence does not fall within the school district guidelines as an excused absence, the days missed will be marked 'unexcused.'  Should you need assistance in getting an Absence Verification form, please call 492-6136.