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Dress Code

Common dress code infractions: 

1. Shorts and skirts above fingertip length when worn. 

2. Leggings with shirts that do not come to fingertip length. 

3. Rips in jeans that show skin above fingertip length. 

If a student receives 3 dress code violations they will be placed in ISS. (In school suspension). 

Please refer to the 2019-2020 student R&R handbook for more information. (Page 64-65)


Cell Phone Policy

Students should keep cell phones in their backpacks at all times during school hours. 

If a student is in violation of the school cell phone policy, the phone will be taken and parents notified. 

If a student violates the policy 3 times, they will be placed into ISS. 

Dean of Students


                            Mrs. Crystal Gainey                                   

Dean for 8th grade- 7th grade A-L 


Ph: 850-492-6136 ext. 2263



Mrs. Laura Hill-Phillips

Dean for 6th grade-7th grade M-Z 


Ph: 850-492-6136 ext. 2299