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Jim C. Bailey Middle School envisions a safe and effective learning environment that promotes student achievement through effective cooperation and communication with families, teachers, and administrators.  Through academics, strength in athletics and creativity in the arts, students will learn to develop skills that will allow them to be contributing members of society.

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We are here to help.  Please feel free to contact us!

Principal:  Judy Pippen

492-6136 ext. 2226

Asst Principal:  Derrick Thomas

492-6136 ext. 2222

School Secretary: Karen Lambeth

492-6136 ext. 2221

Data Specialist:  Kathy Peterson

492-6136 ext. 2230

To schedule a parent/teacher conference:

492-6136 ext. 2242

School Resource Officer:  

SRO Pam Whitlock

492-6136 ext. 2356

School Fax #


Upcoming Events




EIGHTH GRADE DANCE: Celebration of the Stars

For information regarding the Eighth Grade Dance, click on Our School.  This dance is for eighth grade students only.

Neon Splash Dance

Thursday April 17th from 6-8 in the Bailey Cafeteria. 

Tickets are on sale during lunches. 

The price of a ticket is $10.00

Parent Satisfaction Survey



Please take a moment to complete this survey. It is open until Thursday April 10, 2014.


FCAT Testing Dates

April 16th

7th and 8th grade: Math Sessions 1 & 2 (paper based test)

Testing Times: 9:15 am - 1:00 pm

April 21

6th grade: Reading Session 1 (computer based testing)

8th grade: Science Sessions 1 & 2 (paper based testing)

April 22

6th grade: Reading Session 2 (computer based testing)

April 23

7th grade: Reading Session 1 (computer based testing)

April 24

7th grade: Reading Session 2 (computer based testing)

April 28

8th grade: Reading Session 1 (computer based testing)

April 29

8th grade: Reading Session 2 (computer based testing)

April 30

6th grade: Math Session 1 (computer based testing)

May 1

6th grade: Math Session 2 (computer based testing)

FCAT Parent Letters

You can download the FCAT parents letters here or you can view them on the guidance page.

Click here for the FCAT RMS letter.

Click here for the FCAT RM letter.

Student Course Requests for 2014-2015

During the month of March and April, sixth and seventh grade students will be selecting their course requests for next year.  All students are to be enrolled in the core courses of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. P.E. is a required course. Reading is required for all seventh and eighth grade students as determined by their FCAT Reading Test scores. Listed below are the core courses and elective choices for grades 7 & 8. Any core subject failed in the current year, will be repeated in the next school term.

Grade 7                                     

S = Semester    AY = All Year   

TR = Teacher Recommendation Needed

Four Core Courses:

Language Arts 2

Language Arts 2, Advanced [TR]

Language Arts 2, Gifted [TR/GEP]

Mathematics 2

Mathematics 2, Advanced [TR]

Mathematics 2, Gifted [TR/GEP]

Science 2

Science 2, Advanced [TR]

Science 2, Gifted [TR]


Civics, Gifted [TR/GEP]

Physical Education (required)


Double Block Reading (AY)

All Year Reading (AY)

Semester of Reading (S)

Gifted or Advanced Reading (S)

Fine Art Electives:

Art 2-D (S)

Art 3-D (S) [TR]

Bagpipes (AY)

Band (AY)

Bell Choir (AY)

Chorus (AY)

Orchestra (AY)

Yearbook (AY) [TR]

Career Technical Education:

Computer Business Application II & III - Adobe PhotoShop (AY)

Computer Business Applications I - Computer Keyboarding (S)

Exploring Production Technology (S)

Other Electives:

Learning Strategies (AY) [IEP students only]

Office Assistant (S) [TR]

Grade 8

S = Semester     AY = All Year

T R = Teacher Recommendation Needed

Four Core Courses:

Language Arts 3

Language Arts 3, Advanced [TR]

Language Arts 3, Gifted [TR/GEP]


Algebra I  [Level 3-5 on FCAT Math Test/TR]

Algebra I, Gifted [L:elve 3-5/TR]

Science 3

Science 3, Advanced [TR]

Science 3, Gifted [TR]

US History

US History, Gifted [TR/GEP]

Physical Education (required)


Double Block Reading (AY)

All Year Reading (AY)

Semester of Reading (S)

Gifted or Advanced Reading (S)

Fine Art Electives:

Art 2-D (S)

Art 3-D (S) (TR)

Bagpipes (AY)

Band (AY)

Bell Choir (AY) (TR)

Chorus (AY)

Orchestra (AY)

Yearbook (AY) [TR]

Career Technical Education:

MicroSoft Office Suite (MOS) ITT Academy (AY)

Exploring Production Technology (S)

Business Application I - Computer Keyboarding (S)

Other Electives:

Learning Strategies (AY) [IEP students only]

Office Assistant (S) (TR)


FCAT Mathematics, Reading and Science Tests


April 16-May 2, 2014

FCAT FACTS 2013-2014

Calling all parents and students! Let's plan to be at least a "B" school this year!

We need 62% of our students! Will you be a 62?

We need 910 students of our 1462 students to score "Level 3" on the FCAT Reading and Mathematics Tests.                                                                                                        

We need 910 students to show "Annual Learning Gains" in Reading and Mathematics. 

We need 287 eighth grade students to score "Level 3" on the FCAT Science Test and 287 eighth grade students to score "3.5-6.0" on the FCAT Writes Test.

Can we be an "A" School this year?

We need 965 students of our 1462 student to score "Level 3" on the FCAT Reading and Mathematics Tests.                                                                                                                            

We need 965 students to show "Annual Learning Gains" in Reading and Mathematics.

We need 305 eighth grade students to score "Level 3" on the FCAT Science Test and 305 eighth grade students to score "3.5-6.0" on the FCAT Writes Test.                                                                                                                                          

"Open the Power Point Presentation Below To Learn More!"

FCAT FACTS 2013-2014.ppt


Congratulations for being selected the Student of the Month for your grade level:

Will Coleman, Grade 8

Natalia Jimenez, Grade 7

Jeff Phillipe, Grade 6

Information Technology Academy Students Earn Their First Industry Certification

The latest update in certifications include the following eight students receiving certifications in Office Word 2010 by William Coleman, Brittney Dougherty, Ziyanah Madison, and Julie Percle and two students earning Office Outlook 2010 by David Gismondi and Meghan Lovett, and Aila Pjanic earning certification in Office Excel 2010.  Congratulations, once again for an outstanding job! 

As ofMonday, March 3rd is a grand total of 193 MicroSoft Office Suite (MOS) certifications which includes 31 bundles. Georgia Addy, eighth grade student, has earned the Word Expert.  Currently there are 46 students that have earned the Word certificaitons, five that earned Excel certifications, 102 PowerPoint certifications, and 39, Outlook certification. We are so proud of their accomplishments.

Mrs. Patty Birgel's 135 students in her IIT classes have earned a total of 117 certifications.  Eighty-one students have earned one or more Industry Certifications. Seven students have earned a bundle of three or more certification. Recent additions to the ITT Hall of Fame include Max Bergstrom (Office Word 2010), William Moore (Office Outlook 2010), Justin Godwin (Office Outlook 2010), Andrew Gregg (Office Word 2010), Xavier Curney (Office Word 2010), Rachel Russo (Office Word 2010), Cora Andrews (Office Outlook 2010), Jalen Deluna (Office Word 2010), Jaylin Weathers (Office Word 2010), Tyler Shuttleworth (Office PowerPoint 2010), Jessica Cleveland (Office Word 2010), Ajla Pjanic (Office Outlook 2010), Johnny Shinnaberry (Office Word 2010), Alexis Waller (Office Word 2010), Edden Josh Ambulo (Office Outlook 2010), Gabriella Delgado ( Office Outlook 2010), Aubrey Lister (Outlook 2010), Lacey Do (Office Word 2010), Angela Harvey (Office PowerPoint 2010), Sean McPherson (Office Word 2010), Anthony Guzman (Office Word 2010), Lauren Martin (Office Word 2010), Ryan Kirkpatrick (Office Word 2010), Brandon Fenters (Office Word 2010), William Coleman (Office PowerPoint 2010), and Xachary Werley (Office Word 2010). 

Additional certifications have been earned by Jaylen Fortune (Office PowerPoint 2010), Jalen Deluna (Office Outlook 2010), Jaylin Weathers (Office Outlook 2010), Faith Wilson (Office PowerPoint 2010), Tyee Garner (Office PowerPoint 2010), and Angel Jimenez (Office Word 2010).

Congratulations students for a job well done!  The skills you have learned will serve you well in the years ahead in education and in the workplace.


The third quarter grading period ends on Friday, March 14th .  Report cards will be sent home on Monday, March 31st. The quarterly Civics exam for seventh grade students will be administered the week of March 10-12th and will be part of the Civics grade.

By the third quarter, students should have earned between 180 - 300 percentage points in each class to be considered passing. A total of 240-400 percentage points is considered passing for the final report.

Parent Portal - FOCUS Gradebook Registration

Focus Gradebook Parent Portal registration is up and running. Parents may now register their students. Please be sure to have the last four digits of the student's social security number and their student number handy, as the system will require this information. If you need assistance, please click here. Please include your name, your child's name and a phone number to contact you.

Once again, we thank you for your patience with the parent portal.


Judy F. Pippen, Principal

Judy F. Pippen, Principal


The new Absence Verification form will be completed by a parent and returned to school for the days that the student is absent.  Parents may download the Absence Verification form, located in the right column of the Homepage.  If parents do not have internet access, homeroom teachers will give the student, returning to school from being absent, a printed copy of the Absence Verification form to take home to the parent. The student is held responsible to give the form to the parent who will complete it and have it returned to school to the homeroom teacher.  Should a form not be completed or the reason for absence does not fall within the school district guidelines as an excused absence, the days missed will be marked 'unexcused.'  Should you need assistance in getting an Absence Verification form, please call 492-6136.

Bailey Middle School

Bailey Middle School


Science Olympiad Students

Science Olympiad Students

Science Olympiad Students Go to State Competition

The Jim Bailey Middle School Science Olympiad team under the sponsorship of Mrs. Linda Bruner, sixth grade science teacher, and Mr. Charles Henderson, seventh grade science teacher, will be heading to state competition in Orlando, Florida.  The team won fourth place at the regional competition held at UWF.  Only two Escambia middle schools participated. Bailey Middle School will be the only Escambia County middle school to travel to state competition.  We are proud of the parent participation and are certainly proud of our students.  We wish you the best in Orlando!


The Science Olympiad student attended a field trip on Thursday, April 10th to a robotics presentation at IHMC.  Here the students learned about the uses for robotics and their design.  Those attending the presentation were sixth grade students: Colby Fenters, Alex Fotheringham, Lauren Jaworski, and Luke Whitwell.  Seventh grade students attending were Andre Archer, Katrina Booth, Ahna Cecil, Cameron Downey, Casey Durant, Alexia Figueroa, Brianna Gutshall, Kyler Heckathorn, Katie Pittls, Mary Shelby, and Zane Whitwell.  Eighth grade students were EJ Ambulo and Ethan Lundy.  Mrs. Linda Bruner and Mr. Charles Henderson accompanied the group.

Odyssey of the Mind - Bailey MIddle Students Win 1st Place at Regionals

Bailey Middle Receives Military Grant

Bailey Middle School was awarded $405,000 over a three-year period to support academic and support programs.
This year the funds have been used to provide after school math tutoring for students in grades 6 - 8 with bus transportation home.
Other areas funded from the grant are MicroSoft Office Suite industry certification and PhotoShop industry certification programs for seventh and eighth grade students.
Technology purchases have included iPads and computers and the latest microscopes for science classes.

School Hours

Bell rings at 9:10 am for students to enter the building.  Homeroom begins at 9:15 am.  Students are considered tardy to school if they do not report to homeroom by 9:15 am.  They will need to check in at the front office and receive a tardy pass before they will be allowed into class.  The school day ends at 4:10 pm.  Students who will be afternoon car riders and those having to pick up their instruments will be released at 4:05 pm.  Walkers and Bus Riders will be released at 4:10 pm.

FOCUS Gradebook - Parent Portal Tech Support

If you are having trouble creating or logging into your Focus Parent Portal Account, please click here to email Focus Tech Support at Bailey Middle.  Please be sure to put Focus Parent Portal in the subject line. Please also include in the email your name, your student's name, and a phone number to contact you.  Please allow 24 hours for a response.